Our kitchen cabinets were showing age and wear after many years of use and we called about getting our cabinets refinished. Dave came out and suggested refurbishment instead of refinishing since we didn’t want to change the color.

It was a huge money saver. We were skeptical about how big of a difference it would make but what a surprise!

The blemishes were taken care of and shine was out of this world.

Only took a couple of days too.




We had our cabinetry painted.

Beautiful finish.

Only took about a week.


Rochester Hills



I had several pieces of furniture, antiques and newer items that required attention. Everything was repaired and cleaned up over the course of a day in my home.

Great service.




Our deck hadn’t been attended to in several years, we needed some help desperately since we had a graduation coming up. Everything exceeded expectations it looked awesome.

Thank you


Farmington Hills



Our grand bargain, foreclosure, had very rough kitchen cabinets that needed a lot of help. We decided to have them painted.

Service level was amazing, prompt and the end results were more than we had hoped for. Highly recommended!


Sterling Heights



I have to tell anyone who is thinking of hiring work from here a few things.

This isn’t your typical contractor at all. The guy is punctual, personable and knows his business cold. Everything promised was delivered and more, on time. In fact a day earlier than promised.

Great guy. Great service. Great ethics.

A rare find these days.


West Bloomfield



Fence, deck and swing set all needed a power wash and staining.

Great job, will call again.




We needed help making the house shine since we were putting it on the market. Our deck was cleaned and stained and our cabinets painted. We more than got our money back by adding some much needed curb appeal.



Great experience with the entire process.
Kitchen Cabinets


Positively SHOCKED!
If you want to save a load of money and make your cabinets look awesome call this place.
It’s cheaper than you think and they look AMAZING.

Thank you!


Three years later our deck still looks good.
Usually every 2nd year we get our deck done, with this service it lasts longer so you end up paying less. We’ll only need the floor done next year, the spindles still look like they were recently done.

Great Job


I liked the deck service so much I called to get my cabinets painted!

Again, a perfect experience. Looks great and a solid finish.



I needed my dining table and buffet spruced up for Easter dinner.

One visit and done. Cleaned, shiny and polished. Also, the minor blemishes that went away as well were an added bonus.

Fantastic service.

Bloomfield Hills

Our fence was looking very rough after we let it go for 7 years.

Not anymore, looks great.