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Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment Refinishing Painting

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Cabinet Refinishing & Refurbishment and Painting

If you are happy with your existing Kitchen Cabinets other than cosmetic issues you can have them refinished, painted or refurbished at a fraction of the cost of refacing/replacing them.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the results!
You can find out more on cabinet painting in the Cabinet Refinishing section (see link toward bottom of this page).

Let's face it, years of cooking, steam, water & grease can really make your Kitchen Cabinets lose their original beauty. Your Kitchen is a busy place!
Thinking of selling your home?
If you are putting your house on the market you know what an impression a clean well kempt kitchen makes. You can easily recoup the money you invest in refurbishment. Prospective buyers will see added value if they don't feel the need to replace grimy cabinets.

Cons of replacing or refacing:

   1. Highly intrusive, empty cabinets & drawers.
   2. Kitchen is effectively out of commission.
   3. New cabinets require you to repaint the entire kitchen and repair the walls.
   4. Newer cabinets (even pricey cabinets) consist of particle board and staple          construction.
   5. Tracks for drawers can be cheap and fail in a few years.
   6. The mess in the kitchen will remind you of the day you moved in, or worse.

Quick facts on reface and replace...

Comparative cost for replacement versus refacing new kitchen cabinetry can be expensive. Refacing is an attractive alternative because it can cost 30-50% less than replacing existing cabinets with cabinets of comparable quality.
We can refurbish your existing cabinets for about 25% (or less) of the cost of refacing.
The average kitchen has about 15 cabinets and, at an average cost per cabinet of $500, can easily exceed $7,500 for cabinets alone. A common rule of thumb in pricing remodeling costs is to figure the cost of cabinets and installation at 50-60% of the total remodeling budget.
The total refacing cost depends on the number of cabinets, veneer and hardware choices, and options like replacing countertops and moldings.
We can suggest vendors for hardware replacement, pick it out and we'll install it.
If your home was built more than 20 years ago, it’s likely that the cabinets are wood or plywood and the construction is decent quality.

Unless you have the budget to replace them with semi- or custom wood cabinets, it´s likely that new cabinets will be a combination of solid wood, plywood, particle board, and MDF. Older drawers were often constructed using dovetails and rabbets, not just glue and staples. Often they were extra deep or wide. Getting similar quality can prove
to be relatively expensive.

Our goal is to help you achieve your objective at a fair price with lasting results.

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