Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment

Kitchen Cabinets Prior to Refurbishment by Wood Rehab.

Kitchen Cabinets Prior to Refurbishment

Kitchen Cabinets After Refurbishment by Wood Rehab.

Kitchen Cabinets After Refurbishment

If you are happy with your existing Kitchen Cabinets other than cosmetic issues you can have
them refurbished at a fraction of the cost of refacing/replacing them.

We use specialized cleaning agents to remove the years of build up on your cabinets. After cleaning & degreasing, the original finish is revealed as well as any blemishes or discoloration. Defects are repaired & sealed then the original finish is rejuvenated and polished. We do far more than a cabinet cleaning company.

Some homeowners who have used our service couldn’t believe they had even considered refacing or replacement. The results of refurbishment can be very surprising.
Grease & dirt build up happens over the course of YEARS. We erase that build up within days. The results are striking.

Why refurbish instead of reface or replace?

1. Accomplished at a FRACTION of the cost of reface or replace (about 80% LESS).
2. Minimal intrusion.
3. Almost no waiting.
4. Takes from one day to three days.
5. Keep your original quality cabinetry.
6. No need to empty your cabinets & drawers.


This is long lasting and really makes a huge difference in appearance.