Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Oak Cabinets Before Paint

Oak Cabinets Before Paint

Oak Cabinets After Sherwin-Williams Paint Application by Wood rehab.

Oak Cabinets After Paint

Upscale your kitchen cabinets!

We have a tried and true system of painting kitchen cabinets that looks just like a factory applied finish.

Cabinet painting is not like house or wall painting. Your cabinets have lacquer on them. Understanding how to work with that is key to achieving a durable finish. Deglossing is not all there is to it. Beware of the house painters trying to provide this service.

We won’t go into a lot of detail describing how we do it, for proprietary reasons. We do a lot of little extras to make sure the end product is sleek and uniform. We do have plenty of pictures and a sample that proves the quality. We also have plenty of testimonials and references.

We use Sherwin-Williams primer and paint, only high quality products.

Our process is very non-invasive. There is no need to empty your cabinets (the interior isn’t painted) or drawers. This means your kitchen remains clutter free and functional during the process.

On average we can complete a job in seven days from start to finish.

Quotes are always free and only take about 20 minutes to do.

Need it done fast?

Upgraded Paint and Warranty Option

Thinking about Soft Close for doors?